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Weiwei wood hammer sawdust machinery forestry wood crusher

Weiwei wood hammer sawdust machinery forestry wood crusher

Feeding hole size:60*30cm
Name:Wood hammer crusher
Matching motor:Electric motor/ diesel engine/PTO
Modify series:We supply modification series
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This multi-function hammer mill wood shredder and grinder.


It can crush logs block, grain and wood waste , wood block ,branches,tree bark, leaves, roots, peanut shells, corncob, corn stalks, peanut flesh, melon flesh, straw, wheat straw and other materials .


According to the different size of screen mesh,the machine can cutting and grinding different effect sawdust and chips .

ApplicationGrinding logs, corn cob, branches into sawdust
NameWood hammer crusher 
Model no.500-6
 Feeding hole size60*30cm
Hammer quantity (pcs)24 pcs---18*6*0.6cm
Steel cleading quantity (pcs)15 pcs---19*19cm
Product dimensionL*W*H)mm170(L)*122(W)*120(H) cm
Matching motorElectric motor/ diesel engine/PTO
Product effects Mesh can be customized 
Modify seriesWe supply modification series 

原料 成品 用途.jpg

Working Principle

By the high-speed airflow impact, double comminution and collision between sawtooth hammer and lining plate, the micro-material sorting process can be completed at the same time. In the process of grinding, the rotor produces high-speed air flow. With the rotation of the cutter head, the material accelerates in the air flow, and the material is subjected to double comminution at the same time by repeated impact. The material is crushed into wood chips and powders of uniform size at the same time.

wood sawdust machinery


The cleading is added to the working room, and the function of the lining board is to crush the crushed wood through two times of grinding, thereby increasing the crushing efficiency of the wood and increasing the output 

The sawtooth hammer by carbon steel can be made of wood for multiple impact crushing, and then improve the broken rate, and can use both sides of the hammer, ones side broken, the user can replace the hammer hammer, but can change at the same position, can not be exchanged, so as not to affect the dynamic balance of the machine, double-sided use reduce the use cost.

Cyclone dust collector 


Cyclone dust collector and fan device, Increase discharging speeds and filter the finished product. And the Cyclone dust collector device can be customized to meet the requirements of the guests.

Widening feed port

On the basis of the original model to update, widen the feed port, more convenient to feed raw materials, and can feed more kinds of raw materials

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