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Feed processing chaff cutter machine capacity 4.5t/h for silage shredder

Feed processing chaff cutter machine capacity 4.5t/h for silage shredder

Capacity:1000- 4500kg/h
Voltage:Can be customized
Maintenance period:12 Months
Brand:WEIWEI /can be customized
Motor speed :1440 r/min
Cutter speed: 800 r/min
Power type:Electric/diesel/tractor/PTO
Cutting fresh and dry straw and grass into animal feed
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the chaff cutter and crusher machinery is mainly used for cutting wet and dry straw,maize straw,corn stalk, bean stalk, plant vine and other crops straw, pasturage grass , lucerne grass,alfalfa grass,and all kinds of grass, leaves, twigs,this machine has two functions hay straw kneading and crushing effect, cutter machine is suitable for different demand for animal breeding.

It is applicable for ranches and specialized feeding households. Weiwei agricultural machinery has set more than 200 sales outlets in more than 30 provinces, cities and municipalities. Our products are exported to Romina, America, Pakistan, Malaysia, Columbia,and other 40 countries, User feedback is good .


chaff cutter, grass shredding machine, silage cutting, forage chopper machine, straw chopper



Matching   power


Motor   rotary speed (r/min)


Blades   dish speed (r/min)

Moving   blades quantity(pcs)







3   or 4





300   or 360







420   or 460


3   or 4





800   or 880


3   or 4

Main features

We are a factory with more than 30 years of experience in agricultural and wood working machine manufacturing.

 Survival and Development by quality and honesty ,we can provide a variety of specifications and requirements of agricultural machinery products,

please tell me your needs. We will provide or customize the most suitable products for you, and ensure it’s good quality and low price.

This machine has beautiful appearance, with full steel body, thick steel, coated by baking varnish craft, bright color, good durability, corrosion resistant, durable.

9ZP series products adopt automatic feeding device. The main frame, bracket and motor frame adopt combination of iron and steel structure, which enhance the stability of work, reduce noise too. 

Cutting part adopt two,three, four, six groups plane oblique knife. Gear transmission enhances flexibility and service life, reduce grass resistance,  increase the grass feed quantity, reduce noise and improve the production efficiency.

Our machines will be tested before they leave the factory to ensure the quality of service and ensure that all parts properly qualified,make sure it works properly。All parts of our studio are equipped with static balancing equipment. After debugging and installation then commissioning , the power balance adjustment ensures that the machine runs with low noise, stable machines and long service life.


Fan shape knife blade is composed of 65 Steel by heat treatment processing, has the advantages of power saving and wear resistance.Sharp cutting, improve the production efficiency, with the cutter fan blades, can promote the hay from outlet. Clients can choose different number of blades according to the needs of the guests, to meet the different requirements of the guests on the length and the yield of hay.

2.Gear Box

The double gearbox unit can adjust the length of the material, the user can adjust according to their needs. The double transmission box structure can reduce labor force and reduce noise. And change the disadvantages of replacing the gear when adjusting the cutting length.


UC series bearings, can automatically adjust the balance, by high carbon steel precision processing, so it is easy to use and maintain.driving wheel with weight ballasting wheel ,increase the weight, inertia bigger, greatly improve the stability, saving power

4.unique double gear box device

allows users to operate more simple and more convenient, a gearbox adjusting straw length, another can be adjusted the feed raw materials when machine fault, so that users convenience to facilitate the use of straw kneading machine.

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