99% of all other people don't know how to use waste
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99% of people do not know the waste utilization .Similar to coconut shell, pineapple also has a hard shell, need to remove the shell before eating. So as waste peel residue, pineapple peel coconut shell in addition to throw away whether there are other uses.

 The answer is yes, pineapple peel and coconut shell can be used as environmental fertilizer, as an environmental fertilizer, can also be crushed, and grass together with fermentation as silage feeding cattle and sheep.

Wei Wei machinery of the grass machine (wood pulverizer) can crush pineapple skin coconut shell and waste residue, used in aquaculture and original field compost. also be crushed with other materials, made into particles (feed particles, sawdust particles)Waste recycling methods wood chipper

Waste recycling methods chaff cutter

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