how to select feed processing machinery
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how to select a feed processing machinery if you feed animals on a farm ,How much output is appropriate?

 If you feed about 10 -50 cows ,We recommend using this model 9ZP-3 and 9ZP-3A(automatic feeding fresh and dry crop chopper machine) .

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Electric Motor /Tractor-mounted/diesel engine /gasoline engine drive

Power:4KW(electric motor)8-12hp(tractor /diesel)

the chaff cutter and crusher machinery is mainly used for cutting wet and dry straw,maize strawcorn stalkbean stalk, plant vine and other crops straw, pasturage grass lucerne grassalfalfa grassand all kinds of grass, leaves, twigs,

 A machine has two functions hay straw kneading and crushing effect, cutter machine is suitable for different demand for animal breeding.

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