weiwei animal food prcessing machine start to work
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The spring of 2020 is much later than ever, as the new coronavirus attacks China, but our country has taken very effective steps, despite the heavy economic costs we pay, all of us in China have been isolated at home for over a month, and finally very effective in controlling the spread of the virus.

Our factory Zhengzhou Weiwei Machinery Co., Ltd., responding enthusiastically to the national policy, postponed the start of work for one month

And after the coronavirus has been contained, Weiwei machinery responds to national policy to start actively, We do our best to safety precautions, responsible for the health and safety of each worker, in order to ensure the safety of staff to buy protective clothing masks, disinfection supplies for workers , daily commuting temperature,

our company's production of feed processing machinery and wood processing machinery, has started normal production and timely delivery, our technical staff, can provide users with online services at any time

March Arbor Day is coming, the purchase of wood machinery can be used for crushing and shredding wood block, branches, roots, palm leaves, banana leaves, coconut shells, etc. used for composting, soil fertilizer, animal gaskets, burning small chips wood, etc.

Feed processing machinery can provide convenient conditions for farmers to scale farming. Grass cutter can cut and crush straw, alfalfa, crop straw, and crush corn, radish, potato, corn straw and so on for feeding goats ,cattle and other livestock animals


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